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Zhucheng Huawei Rubber Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of tires , is located in the Shandong peninsula economic center, east of Qingdao, south of Rizhao, West of Linyi , north of Weifang. The geographical position is superior, and the traffic is convenient. Our company’s main products are Motorcycle tyres, natural rubber tubes, butyl tubes The name brand Huawei has been granted as "Governmental famous brand". Our products sell well in China and have been exported to countries and regions in Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and America. With first-class facilities, good factory l..


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  • Address: shandong zhucheng east outer ring in the Middle East
  • The international trade department
  • Tel:0536-6082616People:Sunqi
  • Phone:18753677289 Url:en.
  • Email:adasun524@hotmail.com
  • Zip code:262200
  • Tire business department
  • Tel:0536-6082616People:Sunguanghui
  • Phone:15853635658 Url:en.
  • Email:huaweixiangjiao@126.com
  • Zip code:262200
  • Tube business department
  • Tel:0536-6056799People:Xu Guang Xuyangang
  • Phone: 13406638686 Url:en.
  • Email:hw6061480@163.com
  • Zip code:262200
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